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  1. 2014.01.26 Daft Punk -Random Access Memories
  2. 2012.10.29 Daft Punk-Something About Us
  3. 2012.04.28 Daft Punk-Human After All (2)

Artist : Daft Punk

Album : Random Access Memories


01-Give Life Back To Music (Feat. Nile Rodgers)

02-The Game Of Love

03-Giorgio By Moroder (Feat. Giorgio Moroder)

04-Within (Feat. Chilly Gonzales)

05-Instant Crush (Feat. Julian Casablancas)

06-Lose Yourself To Dance (Feat. Pharrell Williams)

07-Touch (Feat. Paul Williams)

08-Get Lucky (Feat. Pharrell Williams)



11-Fragments Of Time (Feat. Todd Edwards)

12-Doin' It Right (Feat. Panda Bear)


다펑은 그냥 아무말 할거없고 별5개 추가염!!!!!!

특히 get lucky 를 클럽에서 들을때마다 얼마나 신이 났었는지 ㅋㅋㅋ

그나저나 내가 이용하던 box 를 오랫만에 들어갔는데 예전에는 음원사이즈 조정이 가능했지만 갑자기 안되는거다...

글씨보다 뮤직비됴도 안나오는 화면만 엄청크게...돌아와 박스..

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Artist : Daft Punk

Album : Discovery


09-Something About Us

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Artist : Daft Punk

Album : Musique Vol.1 (1993 - 2005)




12-Human After All




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